Monday, January 09, 2006

Eid ?!!

May be this is my last post for this month , next Sunday , we'll start our oral exams , God .. I hate oral exams , They make you under pressure , very confused and with very little time .. imagine !!
I took the religion and computer oral exams on last Thursday , I did very well I guess,
We will have French exam on Sunday , Arabic on Monday and English on Tuseday .
On Wednesday , the big day , mid year exams will start ... I'm really afraid about 'em , I hope and pray I will do well in them .
I got my card (a card = a piece of paper contains marks ) , well , my marks are good , but I didn't like them , the are worse than the last years , I've got to work hard on them in the next days .. my overall average is 93% L . Physics , I got really hurt by physics , I got 80 .. that's my only mark under 90 –thank God –

The Eid is coming , doesn't seem to be very pleasant . Because we have to study during Eid ..So difficult , We should also visit and be visited .

العيدانية ...
اولا .. احاول اتكلم بالعامية – المفهومة - .. لأن لغة اهل الموصل ..صدقوني .. غير مفهومة لغير المواصلة .
الناس ما مصدقة العيد بالطريق .. يعني كل واحد يقضي اسابيع في المحاولة لشراء الملابس . تذكرت حديث نبوي .. قال رسول الله :
"أفضل أيام الدنيا أيام العشر عشر ذي الحجة، قالوا: ولا مثلهن في سبيل الله؟ قال: ولا مثلهن في سبيل الله إلا رجل عفر وجهه في التراب" .
الظاهر انه الناس اكتشفوا طريقة احسن – وخصوصا النساء - ... السرجخانة !!