Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Trial

Part 1 : Al dujail
Chapters : 1,2,3,4,5

Time : Winter 2005
Place : somewhere in Iraq , a court hall
Director : Uncle Sam
Author : ???
Actors :-
Saddam Hussien , starring , as the criminal and the victim
Ramzy Clarck , as a lawyer
Ruzgar , as the judge
Witnesses , lawyers , another criminals ...

Chapter one
The main subject : Blankies !!
Very dramatic scenes , with a lot of tries to make people feel convinced about the reality of this play .

Chapters Two , Three , Four
The main subjects : papers !! , cigarettes , food ,the actors spitting on each other under the judge's nose .

Is it just me think that this play is a try to make Saddam national hero , acting like an innocent , showing that he is not afraid of getting excuted by saying " I don't care about myself , I care about Iraq , the excution is means nothing to me " .. Does that make any sence to you ?
Saddam is man from history , why should we care about him anymore ? his role is over , just like any piece in a chess game.
What I really care about to know is who is this chess match players how much time does it take to get ended .
Saddam said " I served you for more than thirty years " , do they make it looks like a favor , we were favored by being ruled the almighty criminal .
The judge didn't give Saddam enough time to talk , to defend himself , why is that ? is it to make people feel like he is bad-treated , not having fair judgement , well , I think so .

Chapter Five :
The main subject : Saddam refused to attend the trial .
Can this be believable in a way or another ? why they can't make him attend it ? is he free to take such a dicision ? I am asking a lot of qustions , aren't I ??
I think I am a little bold this time .We are having a break for a week ( I think ) because of the elections , I hope I can write a post about elections .till then ..C U


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