Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ramadhan Kareem

hi ..
I know , I know , I missed you too :) , how are you these days ? I'm extra fine
It was really long time since I wrote for the last time , that's because I didn't have time to write , the couples of weeks ago were full of exams , homeworks and internet disconnection ..

In school , I don't feel good , I told you about physics teacher , he has no sence of mercy in his heart , we had physics exam last week .. I was ready for it , but I was shoked by the three hard qustions that we should answer in just 15 min.
Honist , I'll be lucky to have 80% , I don't think I will

Ramadhan has come , very nice , but this year there's something we miss , It's the spirit of Ramadhan , I don't know how to descibe it , but it's the spirit of happiness and comfort ..
The problem is , when I get back from school , I can't study coz I feel tired , hungry and thirsty , So I have to study after the F6oor ( fast breaking ) , After F6oor I go to the mosque , after I get back from mosque , It's 8 pm , I will watch TV , When can I study then ??
They will vote for the new constitution on 15th of this month .. we may be imprisoned in house for 3 or 4 days becoz of the curfew .

Stop talking , see you later


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