Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hi ,
What's up ??!
I'm good , school is good and Mosul is good too
I don't feel optimistic about this school year , the teachers are causing us problems , they are not helpful , they always say that they won't help us to get e3faa' , not even with a single mark , that's really unfair .
We've got the worst year this time , but I still doing my best and convining my self that the teachers are pushing us to work hard , hopping that's right in the same time .
Ramadhan is so close , may be 10 days to go , This Ramadhan will be kind of harder because the day is longer than how was it last year .
they say that there will be a break for 20 days in Rhamadan , because of the voting in the middle of October

Any how , I've gotta go


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