Monday, August 08, 2005


Hello ...
it was a long time since I wrote a post , but I'm back now ..
since the death of my grandfathers I started to think about death , but this time , in a different way , I started to think about it seriously .. what if I die right now ?? where shall I go , Heaven or somewhere else ?? I don't know , but I'll choose the first choice!
really , what if I die without doing something useful for mankind ?? I don't like that ..especially in Iraq , I may die in any moment ..
that made me sleepless these couple of days ... but, if I think about it in a different way , I find that death is better than living in Iraq's the hell right here ! why should we suffer here while there is someone having fun in another country ?? I think we have to find a solution for that , may be we have to end this damned war , but how, I don't know .
now look , there are some Iraqis , lived very comfortable in Saddam's age , they enjoyed their lives , after that , they got out of Iraq , and they are enjoing thier lives too..
The time can be very injustice sometimes ..
all I can say right now : " to live or to die .. that is the question" The Grandson


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