Friday, July 22, 2005

Well , it's become very clear to me that there is no new news to tell you about ,but one news , On Tuesday , a big explosion happened in Al sukkar region , and a lot of people died , may be a hundered of people ... also , I am not in a mood of writing .. I couldn't understand why Khalid was arrested ! I think that he was a good writer , eventhough I didn't read for him very much but I do apriciate his courage ... he is the only serious Iraqi blogger who posts with his real name and his picture .

I started to think lately about putting my real name , but after what happened , I don't think so ... I may be with him then

A good point .. the Iraqi bloggers have a nice union , they have the same subject to be creative in now . about me , I started to take some lessons for the my next year ..those lessons are in maths .. and that's it , just maths because I hate it , and I also want to take an idea about the fifth class mathmatics , the lessons are in one good school in Mosul , its name is Al sharqiya , the lessons are on Sunday and Wednesday of every week , they are at 8:00 am , it's not a problem for me , coz I wake at 7:30 am everyday since the break started ... enough talking now ,

So .... Bye

The Grandson


Blogger jarvenpa said...

I came to your blog via the baghdadgirl site (which I stumbled across months ago, searching for Iraqi bloggers). You know now probably that Khalid is safe and with his family in Jordan. In my country (the US) we were very worried about him. He did seem brave--or foolhardy--to post so openly. There's a soldier who was in your country who posted anti war, anti Bush statements on his blog (it has since been removed, but his name is Leonard Clark). He was taken in and has been demoted and fined.
Maybe someday in both our countries there will be true freedom.

11:51 AM  

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