Sunday, July 10, 2005


In Iraq , before the war , it was forbidden to have a satellite reciever in home or office or anywhere .. So , we had just two Iraqi channels : the first Iraqi channel and Al shabab ( the youths ) channel , both of them were very silly exept one thing on Al shabab Tv , it's its movies , they were showing the very new movies every Friday noon , it was the only time I was watching this channel , the rest is all rubbish .. but in Mosul , we found a solution , we were recieving 2 syria channel , they were silly too , but it was good to have 4 silly channels ,( in that time we had a satellite , but in secret , no one knew about it , but , the security forces took it and gave us a fine 300000 Id , that equals 150$) any way , after the war , we've got the satellite recievers , here in Mosul , they call it ( dish ) because the outdoor unit of the recievers looks exactly like a big dish..

So , we started to know the world more , they now watch every thing freely , for me , I don't watch very much , I just have specified channels to watch , I'll put them later , the type of programmes I watch is basicly : movies and series . I hate the news cahnnels , the tell always lies , and you can't say that there is a channel does not lie , they have to .

And here is a list of my very favorite channels :

1- space toon

2- MBC 3

No , no , I'm joking , those channels are for cartoons only , here are they , seriously :

1- MBC 2

2- MBC 4

3- One tv

4- MBC 1

I spend most of my watching time on those channels , and ... that's it , no poem today ,So , Bye

The Grandson


Blogger Lisa, New York said...

I've looked at the websites for MBC2, MBC4 and OneTV and it seems like they show a lot of popular series like The Sopranos, etc.

What are your favorite TV series to watch and do you have any favorite movies?

8:58 AM  
Blogger The Grandson said...

well , I do watch movies and series , for series , I like to watch Friends , Sienfeld , and all the other comedy series , but for movies , I did not find the best one , coz I haven't seen them all yet , I like to watch Sean Conry's movies , Mel Gibson , and Tom Hanks and alot of other great actors and actresses

5:09 PM  
Blogger H.N.K said...

yes, MBC2 and MBC 4 and one TV are really good channel. I agree with you.
Do you like Monk??

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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