Friday, July 15, 2005

talking ..

Sitting in front of the monitor , knowing not what to write , feeling very bored gave me a good reason to write a post , well , I'm watching now some very very silly program on TV , its name is CBM , you really don't want to know how silly it is , I'll tell you about it later . now , let's talk about the 30 children who got dead two days ago .. I couldn't get the cause for their death .. there is a lot of stories about that , some says , the children were gathered arround an American viehcle because the Americans were giving some '' sweets '' to the little people , I started to feel really sorry and sad for those who die every single day , the Iraqi people get killed for everything the do , if they work they die , if they sit at home they die , ( if they live they die ) , even if they have sweets they die , if they die on their beds they die ... I know , it's just blahblahblah , but I'm about to prepare a post , very strong one , about Jihad , the real Jihad , but I don't know wether I'll write it in Arabic or English , what do you think ? if I write it in English ,then you will not understand it well , because it has poetry and Arabic proverbs ...So , you get bored too , don't you? Now , close the window or change the website , I ended the post , Good bye ..


Anonymous ~Lisa~ said...

Hello there,
I found your site while surfing. I am the mother of a 12 year old daughter. You have many things in common with her even if you don't see it. Mothers who worry about you, boys, going to school, reading, writing your blog and more. You also have one very sad thing in common and that is the war in Iraq. My heart is sad for both of you. You must live through it (and live I pray you will) and she must live in fear that those she loves who are in Iraq return home safely. Is it truly much different? Yes, the war is there where you live, yet she feels the impact of war in a bit of a different way. Either way, my heart is sad for both of you beautiful young ladies. Both of you have lost your innocence of this world, reality is very much here. You will be kept in our prayers and I hope you are safe and please continue to share your awesome pictures of the cats. We also love cats!

3:10 PM  

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