Thursday, July 07, 2005

June ... The month of sadness

In the last day of May , I mean 31st , my grand father died in the morning , every body got sad upon him ,we burry him in the same day , In the mean time , my other grandfather was very ill , his health got worse day by day , till the 28th of June , in 6:50 pm exactly , my other grandfather died , it was late to do anything for him , so , we called one of our relative and asked him to come over , and that what he did , This person knows much enough to prepare a dead man for getting burried , then , it's ten o'clock , so the man slept in my grandfather's house with alot of family memeber , it was difficult to find a place to sleep in , any way , in the next day , we take him ( my grandfather ) to the mousqe to pray upon him , then we headed to the grave yard , every where in the world , the graveyards are some beautiful places and calm , but here , it's a disaster , you can't find a tree there , it's all rubbish and you can also find the empty and dirty plastic bags , which is something very important thing for tourisim and tourist .. then we get back to home , there was sadness in whole the house , but anyway , he was very ill in his last days and he was more than 80 years , very old , Now , I have to ask God mercy for him and for every dead one .


Anonymous Mary from D.C. said...

I have just found your blog. I am sorry for the death of your grandfathers. At least you had the comfort of knowing them for many years, since they lived to a good age.
Small comfort, I know....

2:34 AM  

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