Saturday, July 30, 2005


It's just the begining , I heared yesterday a very big explosion , the whole house get shocked ... our front window fell down and became a million pieces .

I was working on computer when I heard that , so , I lost my mind and jumped out of the chair , started to run to downstairs because I worried about the people down there , luckily , no body got hurt

In the street , the situation was bad , the air became very dusty , in minutes, the helicopters came and started to fly over the area ..

I don't know more .. just that , but the worst part was to spend a night without a front window ... I was worried all that night .

Anyway , this one is enough for us to get freaked out all the week J

Friday, July 22, 2005

Well , it's become very clear to me that there is no new news to tell you about ,but one news , On Tuesday , a big explosion happened in Al sukkar region , and a lot of people died , may be a hundered of people ... also , I am not in a mood of writing .. I couldn't understand why Khalid was arrested ! I think that he was a good writer , eventhough I didn't read for him very much but I do apriciate his courage ... he is the only serious Iraqi blogger who posts with his real name and his picture .

I started to think lately about putting my real name , but after what happened , I don't think so ... I may be with him then

A good point .. the Iraqi bloggers have a nice union , they have the same subject to be creative in now . about me , I started to take some lessons for the my next year ..those lessons are in maths .. and that's it , just maths because I hate it , and I also want to take an idea about the fifth class mathmatics , the lessons are in one good school in Mosul , its name is Al sharqiya , the lessons are on Sunday and Wednesday of every week , they are at 8:00 am , it's not a problem for me , coz I wake at 7:30 am everyday since the break started ... enough talking now ,

So .... Bye

The Grandson

Friday, July 15, 2005

talking ..

Sitting in front of the monitor , knowing not what to write , feeling very bored gave me a good reason to write a post , well , I'm watching now some very very silly program on TV , its name is CBM , you really don't want to know how silly it is , I'll tell you about it later . now , let's talk about the 30 children who got dead two days ago .. I couldn't get the cause for their death .. there is a lot of stories about that , some says , the children were gathered arround an American viehcle because the Americans were giving some '' sweets '' to the little people , I started to feel really sorry and sad for those who die every single day , the Iraqi people get killed for everything the do , if they work they die , if they sit at home they die , ( if they live they die ) , even if they have sweets they die , if they die on their beds they die ... I know , it's just blahblahblah , but I'm about to prepare a post , very strong one , about Jihad , the real Jihad , but I don't know wether I'll write it in Arabic or English , what do you think ? if I write it in English ,then you will not understand it well , because it has poetry and Arabic proverbs ...So , you get bored too , don't you? Now , close the window or change the website , I ended the post , Good bye ..

Sunday, July 10, 2005


In Iraq , before the war , it was forbidden to have a satellite reciever in home or office or anywhere .. So , we had just two Iraqi channels : the first Iraqi channel and Al shabab ( the youths ) channel , both of them were very silly exept one thing on Al shabab Tv , it's its movies , they were showing the very new movies every Friday noon , it was the only time I was watching this channel , the rest is all rubbish .. but in Mosul , we found a solution , we were recieving 2 syria channel , they were silly too , but it was good to have 4 silly channels ,( in that time we had a satellite , but in secret , no one knew about it , but , the security forces took it and gave us a fine 300000 Id , that equals 150$) any way , after the war , we've got the satellite recievers , here in Mosul , they call it ( dish ) because the outdoor unit of the recievers looks exactly like a big dish..

So , we started to know the world more , they now watch every thing freely , for me , I don't watch very much , I just have specified channels to watch , I'll put them later , the type of programmes I watch is basicly : movies and series . I hate the news cahnnels , the tell always lies , and you can't say that there is a channel does not lie , they have to .

And here is a list of my very favorite channels :

1- space toon

2- MBC 3

No , no , I'm joking , those channels are for cartoons only , here are they , seriously :

1- MBC 2

2- MBC 4

3- One tv

4- MBC 1

I spend most of my watching time on those channels , and ... that's it , no poem today ,So , Bye

The Grandson

Thursday, July 07, 2005

June ... The month of sadness

In the last day of May , I mean 31st , my grand father died in the morning , every body got sad upon him ,we burry him in the same day , In the mean time , my other grandfather was very ill , his health got worse day by day , till the 28th of June , in 6:50 pm exactly , my other grandfather died , it was late to do anything for him , so , we called one of our relative and asked him to come over , and that what he did , This person knows much enough to prepare a dead man for getting burried , then , it's ten o'clock , so the man slept in my grandfather's house with alot of family memeber , it was difficult to find a place to sleep in , any way , in the next day , we take him ( my grandfather ) to the mousqe to pray upon him , then we headed to the grave yard , every where in the world , the graveyards are some beautiful places and calm , but here , it's a disaster , you can't find a tree there , it's all rubbish and you can also find the empty and dirty plastic bags , which is something very important thing for tourisim and tourist .. then we get back to home , there was sadness in whole the house , but anyway , he was very ill in his last days and he was more than 80 years , very old , Now , I have to ask God mercy for him and for every dead one .