Saturday, June 18, 2005

The white chicken became the red hell

In the night of the eleventh of April , 2003 the American forces occupied (librate) the city of Mosul , they entered the city very peacefully , though there was rubbing and steeling in all over the streets of Mosul , they called Mosul the white chicken as a symbol for its peace and its people's harmony ...

After that , Mosul became the perfect city in Iraq , people went for what we call ( casinos ) , stay up very late , may be till 12:00 am , While the curfew in Baghdad started at 11:00 pm ..

In Mosul , A lot of peace , in the rest of Iraq , the situation was very bad , a alot of rubbing , killing , kidnaping and all types of crime .

This lasted for more than a year , then , the rest of Iraq ( exept Fallugah ) became kind of peaceful , And the big surprise became in November , it was Ramadhan in those days , when we started to hear bullets , explosions and everything , but the only thing we didn't hear was the sounds of police cars , all policemen vanished , just like that , VANISHED ..

After Ramadhan , it was Eid , The Little Eid as we call it , anyway .. that Eid was the worst Eid I've ever lived , I almost died in it , very luckily I did not..

Want to hear the story ?? ok , We were heading to my grandfather's house , all the family gather there every Eid ( but this ) .. In our way , the bullets started above our heads , These bullets were between the American soldiers and an idiot , you know why I call him idiot ? becasue he was shooting a stryker with a Klashicov , we learnd , every action has a reaction equals it in the force and acting on an opposite way ... but here it is : every action has a reaction does not equal it in the force , in fact stronger abour hundered times and acting on an opposite way . So , we stuck between the fire , luckily , some good people let us enter there house and put our car there till the situation get a little calm.

After the little Eid , it became kind of better , there was policemen and Iraqi army in the streets of the city , and the big Eid came on , it was better than the little one , we did not have an adventure in this Eid , anyway , in the big Eid we went to my two grandfathers' houses ( one of them is dead now and the other one is ill , so ask GOD's mercy for them ) .

After the Eid , it was good , but not like first .. Oh , I know , stop talking about my poor city , ok

Let's talk about the general examinations , on Thursday , there was chimestry test for sixth secondary grade , but , most of students failed in it , or they gave their answer paper blank .. the questions were very hard that some teachers could not find a way to answer them , it's the problem of every year , they put these very hard questions and no one knows why ,

I hope someone can do something is reading what I'm writing here .. if not , then can somebody tell this one who can do something about this problem.

Well , it's the time of poetry , I have a new Arabic poet today . His name was Abu Firas Al hamadani , he died about a thousand year ago , He was the best between the poets of that time , even Al mutanabi ( a great Arabic poet ) was not like him , Al mutanabi did not compete Abu Firas , He was not sure that he would be able to compete . This poem is one of Al roomyiat's poems ( Al roomyiat are the years of Abu Firas in the prison because he was a prisoner of war ) , So , He was very creative in those years , I'll talk about him more later , I talked too much today , so , I leave you with the poem ..I hope you will understand the it .

أَقولُ وَقَد ناحَت بِقُربي حَمامَةٌ ....... أَيا جارَتا هَل تَشعُرينَ بِحالي

مَعاذَ الهَوى ما ذُقتِ طارِقَةَ النَوى ...... وَلا خَطَرَت مِنكِ الهُمومُ بِبالِ

أَتَحمِلُ مَحزونَ الفُؤادِ قَوادِمٌ ...... عَلى غُصُنٍ نائي المَسافَةِ عالِ

أَيا جارَتا ما أَنصَفَ الدَهرُ بَينَنا ..... تَعالَي أُقاسِمكِ الهُمومَ تَعالَي

تَعالَي تَرَي روحاً لَدَيَّ ضَعيفَةً .... تَرَدَّدُ في جِسمٍ يُعَذِّبُ بالِي

أَيَضحَكُ مَأسورٌ وَتَبكي طَليقَةٌ ..... وَيَسكُتُ مَحزونٌ وَيَندِبُ سالِي

لَقَد كُنتُ أَولى مِنكِ بِالدَمعِ مُقلَةً .... وَلَكِنَّ دَمعي في الحَوادِثِ غالِ


Blogger waldschrat said...

Temperature forecasts for Mosul:
The bad news...
Sunday - high 105F(41C), low 98F(37C) (too hot to sleep easily)
The good news:
Starting Monday, high temperatures about the same but nights will be cooler perhaps, a few clouds beginning Tuesday night.

4:52 PM  
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