Thursday, June 09, 2005

When will these wounds stop bleeding??!

Hi ,

I couldn't write on last week because of something bad happened to our family, but I think it's over now..

Anyway , I guess you heard about the sudden vanishing of Al Zarqawi , and the news about him and about electing ''New'' Al qa3ida master agent in Iraq , and his leaving to a near country , What is that for GOD sake? ..Whatever .. Al Zarqawi is dead or not , it makes nothing , Iraqis still get killed everyday by Al Zarqawi or another one , it's just the same , and what if they put another Zarqawi , it won't make a difference too , We are dead both ways ..

I like poetry very much , especially if it's about wisdom and such things, So I decided To put a poem on the end of my posts , those poems will be in Arabic , So , find someone to translate them to English because I can't , I can't understand them even in Arabic if they are from the old poetry which I like very much..

The first poem I'll put is written by Ahmed Matar , I think he is Iraqi , because he describes everything about Arabian Governments very well .. , His diwan name is Lafitat which means ''signs'' .. I leave you with the first '' sign '' , by the way , it's the introduction of his diwan (diwan: The book that contains all the poet's poems )

سبعون طعنةً هنا موصولةَ النَّزْفِ

تُبدي .. ولا تُخفي

تغتالُ خوفَ الموتِ في الخوفِ

سَمَّيتُها قصائدي

وسَمِّهَا يا قارئي : حتفي !

وسَمِّنِي .. مُنتحراً بخنجرِ الحرفِ

لأنني , في زمنِ الزَّيْفِ

و العيشِ بالمزمارِ والدّفِ

كشفتُ صدري دفتراً

و فوقَهُ

كتبتُ هذا الشعرَ بالسيفِ !


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