Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not sleeping ...

I had a terrible night this week , I slept that night 3 or 4 hours only , and I had to get up early in the morning , you can imagine ...

At the 10:00 pm , The power went off , even we are on what we call (turkish line) that means the electricity is may be available for all the night , but , it's the bad luck of mine , anyway we expected that the generator will start , but , we got disappointed , we waited for one hour , and the generator did not start .

We have no generator in our house , because it's noisy and not that comfortable , we kept awake till 3:00 am .. and now , there is another problem , our sleeping time passed since a long time , So , we can't sleep any more

I think you know that the climate in Iraq is very hot during summer , it can reach 115 F degree here in Mosul , In Baghdad , you really don't want to know , it can be more that 130 F degree sometimes ,

We usualy use air conditioners for cooling , but in the absence of the electrical power , we MUST use what we call , air coolers , air coolers are different from the air conditioners , the first one depends basicly on water , the second uses the electricity in first place , anyhow , neither the water nor the electricity is available here ...

As I promised , I'll put a poem in the end of my posts , So , the poem of this post is a "sign" from Ahmed Mattar's signs , So bye for now , and see you soon ...

أنا لا أدعو

إلى غيرِ الصراطِ المستقيمْ

أنا لا أهجو

سوى كل عُتلٍ و زنيمْ

وأنا أرفضُ أنْ

تصبحَ أرضُ اللهِ غابهْ

وأرى فيها العصابهْ

تتمطى وسط جنات النعيمْ

وضعافُ الخلقِ في قعرِ الجّحيمْ

هكذا أُبدعُ فني

غيرَ أني

كلما أطلقتُ حرفاً

أطلق َالوالي كلابهْ

آه لو لمْ يحفظِ الله كتابهْ

لتولَّتهُ الرقابهْ

ومحتْ كلّ كلامٍ

يُغضِبُ الوالي الرجيمْ

ولأمسى مُجمَلُ الذّكرِ الحكيمْ

خمس كلماتٍ

كما يسمحُ قانونُ الكتابهْ

هي :

( قرآن كريم ..

صدق الله العظيم )


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