Sunday, June 26, 2005

I know that you understood nothing from my last poems ,So I decided to translate a sign , but I don't know if I did it the right way , especially that I am bad in translating from Arabic, because Arabic has many words , may be millions.

here is the arabic poem followed by its translation :

فكرت بأن أكتب شعراً

لا يهدر وقت الرقباء

لا يتعب قلب الخلفاء

لا تخشى من أن تنشره

كل وكالات الأنباء

ويكون بلا أدنى خوف

في حوزة كل القراء

هيأت لذلك أقلامي

ووضعت الأوراق أمامي

وحشدت جميع الآراء

ثم.. بكل رباطة جأش

أودعت الصفحة إمضائي

وتركت الصفحة بيضاء!


راجعت النص بإمعان

فبدت لي عدة أخطاء

قمت بحك بياض الصفحة..

واستغنيت عن الإمضاء!

This is my ( bad translation ) for the sign:

I thought of writing poetry ...

Wastes not the monitors' time,

Does not bother the presidents

No news channel get afraid of publishing it..

And ( this poetry ) will be available..with no fear

For all the readers.

So I prepared my pens

And I put the sheets in front of me ..

And I put my opinions in them ,

Then , very confident ..

I put my signature,

And , I left the sheet ..... blanck


I read my writing carefully ..

I found it full of faults

So , I scratched the sheet's white

And I gave up the signature.

I'll post soon , Bye


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