Monday, June 20, 2005

Crisis ...

In Iraq , especially in Mosul , There are many crisis in the different things of daily life , the main four crisis are :1-the Fuel crisis ( No Gas , No gasoline , No kerosene )

This fuel crisis can never be ended , it was the same in Saddam's age , and it still the same ( like everything ) .. today , I saw about 30% of usual number of cars in the streets , it's very very hard to get to the gas station , it's very crowded there , some people sleep in their cars near the station so they can get in it in the early morning .

Well , the second crisis is the electricity , it still the same from the year of 1991 , In Baghdad before the war , the electricity there did not go off , it was there 24/24 hoursa day , while in mosul it was 10/24 hoursa day , now , In Baghdad and Mosul and all over Iraq , it's less than 15/24 hours a day , If we are lucky then we'll get some more may be 17 hours a day , that's good , Because there is a solutions for this problem , it's THE GENERATORS , the best invention in the history of Iraqi mankind , But wait , What can a generator do if there is no fuel , it's just the same , we are running into an empty cycle .. I don't know if I'll be alive to see these things end.

May be I won't be alive because of the Third crisis , I hope you guess it , ok , It's the security crisis , This problem was not excist in Saddam's age ( well , there was , but in secret , the deep basements , no one but GOD knows what was there )

The security crisis threatens everybody in Iraq , For Iraqis , I think there is a schedule they do for their safety , and here it is :

1- wake up in the morning , wish to have a safe day

2- wash the face , if muslim , Make Woodhoo'

3- ask God to be safe in that day .

4- have breakfast ,

5- wish to be safe this day,

6- Go to work , ask God to get back to home in one piece

7- ( working and hearing bullets and explosions )

8- you are back at home , thank God to get back safe

9- sleep , ( dreaming of the daily nightmare )

If you want to live in Iraq , memorise this , oh .. wait did I mention to ask God to be safe ?

The fourth crisis and the most Important is : the water , it is not just missy , but also , it's full , yes full of microbs and bacterias , my cousin and my brother get very sick because of this water , And we still waiting for someone to find a solution for all those problems .

The poem of the post , returning to the signs of Ahmed Matter , I have very nice and new one , read it ..That's it for today , So , bye for now and see you soon ..Bye the way .. I put two signs today .

بالتمادي . . . يصبح اللص بأوربا مديراً للنوادي،

وبأمريكا، زعيماً للعصابات وأوكار الفساد،

وبأوطاني اللتي من شرعها قطع الأيادي،

يصبح اللص . . . زعيماًُ للبلاد


في بلاد المشركين ،

يبصق المرء بوجه الحاكمين،

فيجازى بالغرامة؛

ولدينا نحن أصحاب اليمن،

يبصق المرء دماً تحت أيادي المخبرين،

ويرى يوم القيامة،

عندما ينثر ماء الورد ــ بلا إذن ــ

على وجه أمير المؤمنين


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Great poem.. I think I'm falling in love with free poetry!

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