Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well , with a deep sadness I tell you about my grandfather death , my other grandfather died on the first of this month , so , I will not be able to post soon ..

Be safe

The grandson

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I know that you understood nothing from my last poems ,So I decided to translate a sign , but I don't know if I did it the right way , especially that I am bad in translating from Arabic, because Arabic has many words , may be millions.

here is the arabic poem followed by its translation :

فكرت بأن أكتب شعراً

لا يهدر وقت الرقباء

لا يتعب قلب الخلفاء

لا تخشى من أن تنشره

كل وكالات الأنباء

ويكون بلا أدنى خوف

في حوزة كل القراء

هيأت لذلك أقلامي

ووضعت الأوراق أمامي

وحشدت جميع الآراء

ثم.. بكل رباطة جأش

أودعت الصفحة إمضائي

وتركت الصفحة بيضاء!


راجعت النص بإمعان

فبدت لي عدة أخطاء

قمت بحك بياض الصفحة..

واستغنيت عن الإمضاء!

This is my ( bad translation ) for the sign:

I thought of writing poetry ...

Wastes not the monitors' time,

Does not bother the presidents

No news channel get afraid of publishing it..

And ( this poetry ) will be available..with no fear

For all the readers.

So I prepared my pens

And I put the sheets in front of me ..

And I put my opinions in them ,

Then , very confident ..

I put my signature,

And , I left the sheet ..... blanck


I read my writing carefully ..

I found it full of faults

So , I scratched the sheet's white

And I gave up the signature.

I'll post soon , Bye

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

He is in , We are out , Who feels the comfort more ??

I think you heard about Saddam's prison guard story about Saddam daily life , clearly , it appears that Saddam lives a royal life , Some kind of life suitable for an ex-prisedent , He eats , sleeps , works out , reads and takes care of birds , Well , most of the FREE Iraqi people don't have such treatment , why a criminal get all that and for what , you can never mention a good thing Saddam did in his whole life , bye the way , he is a criminal from his origins , he killed his teacher when he was only 14 years old , what kind of people this creature is ??

Here in Iraq , now , you can find many people like Saddam , I name them little Saddams . They love Saddam , they are criminals and they are very young , may be 16 or 17 years old , generally , they are teenagers .

Saddam have asked his guards to give him a visit when he get back to rule Iraq again , do not be amazed , I know that it's impossible , but , when Saddam ruled Iraq , we never expected that he will die or even get away . it happened , and the returning of Saddam may happen too , any way , it's something for Iraqis , we are the loosers both ways . Saddam’s new job – besides a criminal – is love doctor , he told the guard about the best ways to win a woman’s heart . interesting !!

The poem of the post :it's in English , I put it as a song in one of my first posts , the song's name is Goodbyes , the artist is Ceilin Dion , you know her , well , it's not all the song , its half of it , I did not have time to write all of it , because I didn't have time to repeat all of it many time , you know , it's kind of hard to hear the words clearly for non English speakers .

So , Good bye ..


You gave life to me

Turned a baby...

Into a lady...


All you had to offer..

Was a promise of..

Lifetime of love..

And now I know..

There is no other..

Love like a mother's

Love for her child

And I know...

A love so complete

Someday must leave..

Must say goodbye


You gave love to me

Turned a little one

Into a woman


All I ever needed..

Was a guarantee

Of you loving me

'cause I know

there is no other

love like a mother's

love for her child

and it hurts so

that something so strong

someday will be gone ,

must say goodbye

goodbye's the saddest word

I'll ever hear

Goodbye's the last time

I'll hold you near

Some day you'll say that word

And I will cry

It'll break my heart to

Here you say goodbye

Monday, June 20, 2005

Crisis ...

In Iraq , especially in Mosul , There are many crisis in the different things of daily life , the main four crisis are :1-the Fuel crisis ( No Gas , No gasoline , No kerosene )

This fuel crisis can never be ended , it was the same in Saddam's age , and it still the same ( like everything ) .. today , I saw about 30% of usual number of cars in the streets , it's very very hard to get to the gas station , it's very crowded there , some people sleep in their cars near the station so they can get in it in the early morning .

Well , the second crisis is the electricity , it still the same from the year of 1991 , In Baghdad before the war , the electricity there did not go off , it was there 24/24 hoursa day , while in mosul it was 10/24 hoursa day , now , In Baghdad and Mosul and all over Iraq , it's less than 15/24 hours a day , If we are lucky then we'll get some more may be 17 hours a day , that's good , Because there is a solutions for this problem , it's THE GENERATORS , the best invention in the history of Iraqi mankind , But wait , What can a generator do if there is no fuel , it's just the same , we are running into an empty cycle .. I don't know if I'll be alive to see these things end.

May be I won't be alive because of the Third crisis , I hope you guess it , ok , It's the security crisis , This problem was not excist in Saddam's age ( well , there was , but in secret , the deep basements , no one but GOD knows what was there )

The security crisis threatens everybody in Iraq , For Iraqis , I think there is a schedule they do for their safety , and here it is :

1- wake up in the morning , wish to have a safe day

2- wash the face , if muslim , Make Woodhoo'

3- ask God to be safe in that day .

4- have breakfast ,

5- wish to be safe this day,

6- Go to work , ask God to get back to home in one piece

7- ( working and hearing bullets and explosions )

8- you are back at home , thank God to get back safe

9- sleep , ( dreaming of the daily nightmare )

If you want to live in Iraq , memorise this , oh .. wait did I mention to ask God to be safe ?

The fourth crisis and the most Important is : the water , it is not just missy , but also , it's full , yes full of microbs and bacterias , my cousin and my brother get very sick because of this water , And we still waiting for someone to find a solution for all those problems .

The poem of the post , returning to the signs of Ahmed Matter , I have very nice and new one , read it ..That's it for today , So , bye for now and see you soon ..Bye the way .. I put two signs today .

بالتمادي . . . يصبح اللص بأوربا مديراً للنوادي،

وبأمريكا، زعيماً للعصابات وأوكار الفساد،

وبأوطاني اللتي من شرعها قطع الأيادي،

يصبح اللص . . . زعيماًُ للبلاد


في بلاد المشركين ،

يبصق المرء بوجه الحاكمين،

فيجازى بالغرامة؛

ولدينا نحن أصحاب اليمن،

يبصق المرء دماً تحت أيادي المخبرين،

ويرى يوم القيامة،

عندما ينثر ماء الورد ــ بلا إذن ــ

على وجه أمير المؤمنين

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The white chicken became the red hell

In the night of the eleventh of April , 2003 the American forces occupied (librate) the city of Mosul , they entered the city very peacefully , though there was rubbing and steeling in all over the streets of Mosul , they called Mosul the white chicken as a symbol for its peace and its people's harmony ...

After that , Mosul became the perfect city in Iraq , people went for what we call ( casinos ) , stay up very late , may be till 12:00 am , While the curfew in Baghdad started at 11:00 pm ..

In Mosul , A lot of peace , in the rest of Iraq , the situation was very bad , a alot of rubbing , killing , kidnaping and all types of crime .

This lasted for more than a year , then , the rest of Iraq ( exept Fallugah ) became kind of peaceful , And the big surprise became in November , it was Ramadhan in those days , when we started to hear bullets , explosions and everything , but the only thing we didn't hear was the sounds of police cars , all policemen vanished , just like that , VANISHED ..

After Ramadhan , it was Eid , The Little Eid as we call it , anyway .. that Eid was the worst Eid I've ever lived , I almost died in it , very luckily I did not..

Want to hear the story ?? ok , We were heading to my grandfather's house , all the family gather there every Eid ( but this ) .. In our way , the bullets started above our heads , These bullets were between the American soldiers and an idiot , you know why I call him idiot ? becasue he was shooting a stryker with a Klashicov , we learnd , every action has a reaction equals it in the force and acting on an opposite way ... but here it is : every action has a reaction does not equal it in the force , in fact stronger abour hundered times and acting on an opposite way . So , we stuck between the fire , luckily , some good people let us enter there house and put our car there till the situation get a little calm.

After the little Eid , it became kind of better , there was policemen and Iraqi army in the streets of the city , and the big Eid came on , it was better than the little one , we did not have an adventure in this Eid , anyway , in the big Eid we went to my two grandfathers' houses ( one of them is dead now and the other one is ill , so ask GOD's mercy for them ) .

After the Eid , it was good , but not like first .. Oh , I know , stop talking about my poor city , ok

Let's talk about the general examinations , on Thursday , there was chimestry test for sixth secondary grade , but , most of students failed in it , or they gave their answer paper blank .. the questions were very hard that some teachers could not find a way to answer them , it's the problem of every year , they put these very hard questions and no one knows why ,

I hope someone can do something is reading what I'm writing here .. if not , then can somebody tell this one who can do something about this problem.

Well , it's the time of poetry , I have a new Arabic poet today . His name was Abu Firas Al hamadani , he died about a thousand year ago , He was the best between the poets of that time , even Al mutanabi ( a great Arabic poet ) was not like him , Al mutanabi did not compete Abu Firas , He was not sure that he would be able to compete . This poem is one of Al roomyiat's poems ( Al roomyiat are the years of Abu Firas in the prison because he was a prisoner of war ) , So , He was very creative in those years , I'll talk about him more later , I talked too much today , so , I leave you with the poem ..I hope you will understand the it .

أَقولُ وَقَد ناحَت بِقُربي حَمامَةٌ ....... أَيا جارَتا هَل تَشعُرينَ بِحالي

مَعاذَ الهَوى ما ذُقتِ طارِقَةَ النَوى ...... وَلا خَطَرَت مِنكِ الهُمومُ بِبالِ

أَتَحمِلُ مَحزونَ الفُؤادِ قَوادِمٌ ...... عَلى غُصُنٍ نائي المَسافَةِ عالِ

أَيا جارَتا ما أَنصَفَ الدَهرُ بَينَنا ..... تَعالَي أُقاسِمكِ الهُمومَ تَعالَي

تَعالَي تَرَي روحاً لَدَيَّ ضَعيفَةً .... تَرَدَّدُ في جِسمٍ يُعَذِّبُ بالِي

أَيَضحَكُ مَأسورٌ وَتَبكي طَليقَةٌ ..... وَيَسكُتُ مَحزونٌ وَيَندِبُ سالِي

لَقَد كُنتُ أَولى مِنكِ بِالدَمعِ مُقلَةً .... وَلَكِنَّ دَمعي في الحَوادِثِ غالِ

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not sleeping ...

I had a terrible night this week , I slept that night 3 or 4 hours only , and I had to get up early in the morning , you can imagine ...

At the 10:00 pm , The power went off , even we are on what we call (turkish line) that means the electricity is may be available for all the night , but , it's the bad luck of mine , anyway we expected that the generator will start , but , we got disappointed , we waited for one hour , and the generator did not start .

We have no generator in our house , because it's noisy and not that comfortable , we kept awake till 3:00 am .. and now , there is another problem , our sleeping time passed since a long time , So , we can't sleep any more

I think you know that the climate in Iraq is very hot during summer , it can reach 115 F degree here in Mosul , In Baghdad , you really don't want to know , it can be more that 130 F degree sometimes ,

We usualy use air conditioners for cooling , but in the absence of the electrical power , we MUST use what we call , air coolers , air coolers are different from the air conditioners , the first one depends basicly on water , the second uses the electricity in first place , anyhow , neither the water nor the electricity is available here ...

As I promised , I'll put a poem in the end of my posts , So , the poem of this post is a "sign" from Ahmed Mattar's signs , So bye for now , and see you soon ...

أنا لا أدعو

إلى غيرِ الصراطِ المستقيمْ

أنا لا أهجو

سوى كل عُتلٍ و زنيمْ

وأنا أرفضُ أنْ

تصبحَ أرضُ اللهِ غابهْ

وأرى فيها العصابهْ

تتمطى وسط جنات النعيمْ

وضعافُ الخلقِ في قعرِ الجّحيمْ

هكذا أُبدعُ فني

غيرَ أني

كلما أطلقتُ حرفاً

أطلق َالوالي كلابهْ

آه لو لمْ يحفظِ الله كتابهْ

لتولَّتهُ الرقابهْ

ومحتْ كلّ كلامٍ

يُغضِبُ الوالي الرجيمْ

ولأمسى مُجمَلُ الذّكرِ الحكيمْ

خمس كلماتٍ

كما يسمحُ قانونُ الكتابهْ

هي :

( قرآن كريم ..

صدق الله العظيم )

Thursday, June 09, 2005

When will these wounds stop bleeding??!

Hi ,

I couldn't write on last week because of something bad happened to our family, but I think it's over now..

Anyway , I guess you heard about the sudden vanishing of Al Zarqawi , and the news about him and about electing ''New'' Al qa3ida master agent in Iraq , and his leaving to a near country , What is that for GOD sake? ..Whatever .. Al Zarqawi is dead or not , it makes nothing , Iraqis still get killed everyday by Al Zarqawi or another one , it's just the same , and what if they put another Zarqawi , it won't make a difference too , We are dead both ways ..

I like poetry very much , especially if it's about wisdom and such things, So I decided To put a poem on the end of my posts , those poems will be in Arabic , So , find someone to translate them to English because I can't , I can't understand them even in Arabic if they are from the old poetry which I like very much..

The first poem I'll put is written by Ahmed Matar , I think he is Iraqi , because he describes everything about Arabian Governments very well .. , His diwan name is Lafitat which means ''signs'' .. I leave you with the first '' sign '' , by the way , it's the introduction of his diwan (diwan: The book that contains all the poet's poems )

سبعون طعنةً هنا موصولةَ النَّزْفِ

تُبدي .. ولا تُخفي

تغتالُ خوفَ الموتِ في الخوفِ

سَمَّيتُها قصائدي

وسَمِّهَا يا قارئي : حتفي !

وسَمِّنِي .. مُنتحراً بخنجرِ الحرفِ

لأنني , في زمنِ الزَّيْفِ

و العيشِ بالمزمارِ والدّفِ

كشفتُ صدري دفتراً

و فوقَهُ

كتبتُ هذا الشعرَ بالسيفِ !

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Back

I know..I know ... You missed me, But it was out of my hand as we say.
I was so busy on the last 10 days..
But I'm Free now , I'll be back to post very soon

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hello people..
sorry for being late , But I had and still have a very important matter that prevents me from writing..
So I won't be able to write may be on the next two or three days
I can't talk more, So bye for now