Saturday, May 07, 2005

What the hell is happening here!!!

In the last week (since April, 28th ) many Iraqis were killed for no reason , oh may be because they live in Iraq , It's become a big guilt nowdays..
in Friday 29th of April , there were about 10 bombed car in Baghdad , yes TEN what is all that for god sake.
After that 75 policemen were killed in Erbiel and about 80 injured .
In Tal'afar 25 persons were killed in a furnal ,
In Mosul , till now , it's 12:30 pm and I heared 3 REAL big explosions , and god knows how many Iraqis got killed ..
And with a very simple calculation we got the average of Iraqi dead people eveyday and here we get about 40 people per day , that's in normal days , and how about the offecial events , you can not make a simple calculation because you will have huge numbers.
What are we to do?? if you know , just do it , may be I won't write any more if I get killed in one of these explosions



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