Friday, May 13, 2005

let's talk about ....... me !!

I promised to tell you about my vacation and myself and here I am doing it,
let's start with me , well , I am 16 years old guy , living a normal life in Mosul , a city in the north of Iraq, will study in the 5th secondary grade ...dreaming of medicin college.
since I learned to read , I liked books very much , so I couldn't stop reading , I read everything , newspapers , books , articles , stories and of course , poetry
then I started to work on computer , it became my life , first I was just playing games , then , at the year of 2001 , we knew what internet means , but there was one internet cafe in Mosul , and you can't open an email account , you can't visit news sites , you can't , you can't , everything was forbidden, So the internet wasn't so popular at that time..
at the year of 2003 , exactly , in April , Saddam is gone , we are free now , so , we had a very huge wave of internet education coming ....
In 2004 we established the internet connection , yeah , at last one dream became true.
well, and here I am writing my silly post in here ,
Now , here is my projects for this break, it's simply to READ of course , Improve my blog , being rich (joking) , to open my mind , increasing my knowledge, and changing my mobile :) , blahblahblah

notice : I think I am going to change my profile and make some updates to my template , I'll change my name , Abdullah Ali , may be he is excist , So I will change my name

stop talking now , C U LATER


PS: I need more attention to the site I put lately


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you must focus more on your post before writing , making a goal from what you'r writing , and I can see you will have a promised future after a little training when you get older in age.
good luck son.


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

Can you report on how good the electricity supply is now? One blog from outside Iraq said there has been no power anywhere in Iraq for several days. Is that true?

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Don..
there's no one outside Iraq can tell what is really going on , the electricity is not always availble , but it's not always unavailable , I mean , every city in Iraq gets different ammounts of electricity

The Granson

10:31 PM  

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