Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hello , anybody there ??

I noticed latly that all my Arabic posts has no comments and I don't know the why, Is it because that all my readers are not Arabs , or may be because I don't have readres at all !! I really didn't know

I started to investigate about it and I found this :

The Arabs are now busy watching Super star or Star academy or the cheap video clips , they do this because they are free , they have no problems at all , there is no poorness , no dying people , and here we are , The American people comment for the arabic blogs , Because the American are not free , they have a alot of problems , They are occupated by Arabs ...

What is going on for GOD sake ??!! , And we still wondering why our situation is so bad ?? Well, I think that every episode of Star academy brings us back ,At least , one year , there was two seasons , every season lasts for 5 monthes ,an episode per day, and here we go .. calculate if you can .

What makes me feeling very sad is the percentage of this very silly programme viewers , it's about 70% , or may be more.That's not all, We also have many cheap music channel...

I never heared of an American music channel but the Mtv,

But here , there are about 15 music channels on one sat , just one sat , and even if There is 100 American music channels ,We can't be like them , because we're not like them , We haven't reached where they've reached ;

As I always say , Talking about these subjects causes me a headache .

Let's move to another subject , I'll talk about languages,well , about my language manners.

I like to speak English just with people who can't speak Arabic, because I'm really proud that I can speak Arabic ,The Arabic is one of the most difficult and most beautiful languages in whole the world , It has harmony and melody , and it's one of the most important things that it's very wide , it has more than 8,000,000 words , While the English has 200,000 words only .

The thing I hate so much is putting English or French in an Arabic speech , it has no meaning , because that referes to the little education that person has , If he is educated , he wouldn't do such things , He must know that a man's value can be apritiated by what he knows , not by how he talks , as an Arab poet said:

فيا لائمي دعني اغالِ بقيمتي

فقيمة كل الناس ما يحسنونه

إبن طباطبا

That means :

O my blamer , let me value my self high , because everyone's value is with what he can do

The Grandson


Anonymous Laura said...

Hello, Grandson. I think you need to get the word out that your blog exists in order to attract more visitors. One good way is to comment on Iraqi blogs or forums, then include your homepage address. I know I usually click on the homepage link if the comment is interesting or insightful. Anyway, I think your blog is amusing. And it's interesting to know what Iraqi teens are thinking and doing, because it reveals a lot about life in Iraq. So why don't you write about your daily life, family events and activities, and have fun doing it. :)

6:31 AM  
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