Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hey People, what's up ...
I'm sure that you don't have alot to tell but I do...
First of all , I want to thank every body (especially the Iraqis) for the nice comments you sent for my last arabic post!!!!
In Mosul, alot of explosions, alot of bombed car and of course, alot of dead citizens.
In the last couple of weeks , many people died here , the situation is being so bad.
at this time of the year , all the people went out for picnics , but now , I dont think so
well, I think that in the next two weeks , I will start my vacation, I will move to the next grade , oh god , I can't wait to get rid of the history and geography , but my happiness won't still so long, they say that the next grade is REALLY dificult, it's too early to think about it..
BY THE WAY , today is the start of the second year of I don't know what (occupation or libration ) but I know that I hope it will be ended soon

Thank u for reading me..


Anonymous hnk said...

don't be concerned, Najma told me that the 5th class is different from the 4th class but it some how easier than it. And as you said finally we will get rid of history and geography.I want to ask you, do you have french in your school.

7:21 PM  

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