Saturday, February 19, 2005

stars, stars , and more stars

how are you all?? I missed you...
I know.... I am too late .. but I've just had a chance to write.
nothing new here..but more criminals.. more killing.. more explosions.

I wrote that title because I wanted to talk about some STARS programes that being shown on TV's right now.. like stare academy - super star - stars search ....blahblahblah.
THE QUESTION is : Do we need more stars?? are we perfect of everything that we have nothing to do but looking for stars....huh??
in the arabic countries there is thousands' of actors,actress, artists and different kinds of art...
these artists ( in fact ... they are not according to the values of our society) ..
and the best part of it .... almost all the arab teenagers are mad about them... mad about star academy...about nancy ajram ....more and more of these SILLY persons.....
talking about this subject cause me high blood presure
any way....the security situation wasn't too well last week...yesterday.. two shiaa's mosques were attacked by mortars no one knows who did it or why..but I think because of today, today is very sad day , in this day before 1380 years , Al hussein , the prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) grandson ..was killed,
any way... I have nothing more to talk about..
So....see you later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have those silly programs here too. "American Idol", etc. If you ask me, none of the people on those shows would deserver to be "stars". :-)

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"deserver" should be "deserve"..... typing too fast. :-P

8:42 PM  

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